The Last Page


Action / Drama

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Plot summary

After being raised and abused in the foster care system, twin brothers find refuge with a group of misfits who turn out to be a violent band of criminals. Now on the the run for their lives, they find themselves in a small town in Utah where they meet a family that will prove to change their lives forever by providing the spiritual guidance and love that they have so desperately sought for.

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by florstevens 10 / 10

I've watched it 3 times!

Thank you for making this film. I've never seen any other film introduce the Book of Mormon in such a modern day light the way this one has. It was edifying, sad, funny, and some parts totally caught me by surprise! That's why I enjoyed it so much. From the beginning I couldn't wait to see what unraveled next. The movie went by fast and kept me engaged the entire time. I loved the characters, the twist and turns, the humor, and how it all came together at the end. Truly a blessed a movie. It puts into perspective how there are good people out there and God does deliver them. I hope there will be a part 2!

Reviewed by cjwfan 9 / 10


So, on paper this looks like is an uplifting religious family film/romantic dramedy. You think it's gonna be a heartwarming tale of a couple of dudes sittin' by the fire reading the Book of Mormon, working on a farm, etc.

It is all of those things, yet it also includes a little bit of violence. If that sounds like a bad thing to you, we unfortunately cannot be friends. The Last Page is stealthily a crime thriller, and I found the experience of watching it thoroughly enjoyable.

It's also surprisingly good-looking despite its obvious budgetary limitations, and I think you can tell the people behind it were passionate and put everything they had into it. Really, this is a nice little movie and it's easy to recommend to family and friends.

Ok I can't help myself, as a side note, see if you agree that one of the film's big emotional moments is exactly like a part in Return of the Jedi. Kinda sick.

Reviewed by usentinel 8 / 10

Not something I usually watch... however

Usually I'm not very interested in movies with a religious undertone. I watched it on Amazon after viewing the trailer and thought it was a surprisingly good film. I enjoyed the twists in the story taking it in unanticipated directions.

The villain was someone you really wanted to hate. There are people in the world who make life miserable for others and you just wished karma would come looking for them. If you really don't like the villain then they are a great actor IMO and did an awesome job!

Also the hero wasn't who I expected saving everyone in the end.

I recommend watching it. A quality film!

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