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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79% · 63 reviews
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Plot summary

Inspired by real events, this fictional dramatization gives an insider account of how the women of Newsnight secured Prince Andrew's infamous interview.

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Top cast

Gillian Anderson as Emily Maitlis
Rufus Sewell as Prince Andrew
Connor Swindells as Jae Donnelly
Kate Fleetwood as Annette Witheridge
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sleepin_Dragon 7 / 10

Superbly acted.

The story of how Emily Maitlis came to interview Prince Andrew.

It doesn't exactly sound like a catchy plot, and indeed I thought it was an extremely bizarre recent event to dramatise, but it works.

The BBC hasn't exactly been covered in glory in recent times, but this scoop was seen as something of a revelation, the first time I and many others decided to tune into Newsnight, a show that's died away over the years.

It was an excruciating interview to watch at the time, it's one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen, that scene was perfectly recreated, Sewell and Anderson were both terrific, quality acting. I thought Billie Piper did a cracking job here too.

I'm not sure whether this film will have a broad appeal or not, the storyline is a rather curious one, but if you enjoy quality acting, try it out.


Reviewed by marcelbenoitdeux 7 / 10

An acting scoop

Well yes. To see Gillian Anderson play Emily is worth the whole thing. I must confess that Gillian Anderson wasn't an actress I cared about or thought in anyway as a contender among her contemporaries. Her character in the X Files was what settled in my brain, so, nothing earth shattering until, well until her Margaret Thatcher in The Crown. That took me completely by surprise and blew me away. Now "Scoop" and she's the main reason to take your breath away. It's not an impersonation but something else. Something that belongs to great acting. Rufus Sewell was very good in the impossible task of playing Prince Andrew but Gillian Anderson bridges that impossibility and makes that, already famous interview, totally and utterly riveting. So, well done and thank you.

Reviewed by FinleyKolapo 7 / 10

OK Scoop

I like the way it's shown how out of touch the palace crew was, especially before the interview aired when they were saying Andrew did "wonderful."

I think it's just a fine watch, nothing mind-blowing. But it's interesting to get a peek of the supposed behind the scenes of that infamous Prince Andrew interview.

It's not some edge-of-your-seat drama though, which I think is great because not everything needs dramatization. Since it's based on a book of a real event, with some creative changes, don't expect any crazy MI6 agents busting in to shut the interview down or anything like that. It keeps things relatively grounded despite the subject matter.

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