Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of Fire


Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22% · 172 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58% · 5K ratings
IMDb Rating 5.6/10 10 98336 98.3K

Plot summary

When a peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy finds itself threatened by the armies of the tyrannical Regent Balisarius, they dispatch Kora, a young woman with a mysterious past, to seek out warriors from neighboring planets to help them take a stand.

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RogerBorg 3 / 10

Everything you've seen done before, blended together, with a scoop of mud

A purely visual spectacle, and not even a great one at that, hidden behind a muddy filter.

Every scene is farcically derivative of Star Wars, Battle Beyond the Stars, Warhammer 40K, Turok, and many other, better sources.

Boutella just isn't credible leading lady material, characters are zero dimensional points, it's gratingly expositional, and the action scenes are comically ineptly choreographed, burdened with jump-cuts and slow-slow-slower-motion.

The plot is a series of "And then, and then, and then" fetch-quests that seem like an episodic TV show, crammed into a badly edited 2 1/4 hours that feels much longer. And it ends with a jarringly pointless "To be continued".

But... why, film, why? Why continue?

Reviewed by Dimakovtun 5 / 10

The rating is objective

The biggest problem of the movie is the plot. It is just bad. And not just the main storyline which makes little sense and the villains are comedic, but almost every interaction ends up with the viewer asking "but, why?" or "how does it even make sense?".

The assembly of heroes (what the movie is about) is also rushed as hell, and the motivation of the people to join is straight-up nonexistent in most of the cases and is simply skipped entirely.

As for the villain who comes to find mysterious troubling rebels, apparently every single person knows who are the rebels and how to find them and shares that information to the first stranger they meet. It's not like they are even hiding.

Next, combat and action scenes. Blasters that penetrate people in armor through, but can't penetrate a thin piece of wood. Remember when in the new Star Wars trilogy a red guard could strike Ray but was just making dumb random moves to simulate action? Well, it's absolutely the same here. Maximum drama, lots of slow motion, frequent switch of the scenes every few seconds and very little sense.

The acting is ok, but it's difficult to judge the actors if they do good because the script tells them to follow an unnatural character arc in the first place. I'd say Sofia played Kora well, but Kora is just a poor character which is out of place in the very story she's central.

It's not all bad. The picture is nice.

I'd say it's the most disappointing Snyder's movie so far.

Reviewed by therealjaysmoke 6 / 10

Nothing original here

I think Zack Snyder didn't really do much research into this one. Maybe it's because it's a Netflix thing, I am not sure. There's so much borrowing from several other popular movies that I just wasn't invested in the story because it was all tooo basic and predictable.

You had the Thanos and Gamora moment in there, you are the Starwars Resistance vs The First Order moment in there. You had the Darthvader type figure in there. You had the Kylo Ren character in there. And the worlds looked like something from a Starwars episode.

Also the whole story was just weak, too weak for a director like Zack. I mean we've seen it done so many times from Lord of the Rings, to Game of Thrones, to even The Avengers. You are threatened by a bigger force, so you go around recruiting people to help you fight this force. That's basically it. There wasn't any rich subplot like we see in eg. Dune. Just very basic.

Does it warrant a part 2, I strongly don't think it did. It's lazy writing and directing and shouldn't be encouraged.

All in all, it's an ok movie. It's not bad like some reviews are saying. The effects are spot on, I loved the cinematography. The only drawbacks for me were the weak storyline, the awful fight sequence, the casting could have been better and the all too familiar scenes.

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