Mutiny on the Buses


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Bus driver Stan Butler agrees to marry Suzy, much to the anguish of Mum, her son-in-law, Arthur, and daughter Olive. How, they wonder, will they ever manage without Stan's money coming in? Then Arthur is sacked, and Stan agrees to delay the wedding. Meanwhile, he hits on an idea: Arthur should learn to drive a bus. Somehow he does just that, and even gets a job. Stan then blackmails the Depot Manager into giving him the job of driver on the new money-making Special Tours Bus. A great idea ...if only the inspector hadn't taken Stan on his trial run to the Windsor Safari Park

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Anna Karen as Olive, Stan's Sister
Bob Grant as Jack, Stan's Conductor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The_Movie_Cat 5 / 10

"I'm getting a little tired of your crude remarks."

Mutiny on the Buses is a sophisticated, intertextual, self-reflexive discourse on the nature of the classic novel by Charles Nordhoff. It also takes in Kafkaesque leanings by exercising a circular narrative. That some could mistake it for a witless, charmless and crass 70s sex comedy is beyond me.

The film also exhibits a razor-sharp social conscience. After accidentally demolishing a stop, Jack (Bob Grant) suggests "We'll say some hooligans did it... lot of stupid louts doing things like that these days."

In all seriousness though it really is utter garbage. There's an increase in slapstick, the ineptness of which would be funny were it not for the jingly-jangy 70s soundtrack. Definitely not one of Ron Grainer's better days.

In its defence, this one probably has a better plot than the others (which isn't exactly difficult) as Blakey gets a new manager to assess his operation. Blakey's forced to clamp down with more stringent rules, cueing an inevitable worker rebellion. When Blakey orders his staff to wear "nothing but their uniforms", they come without shoes and shirts. This also includes the seven-strong female crew, who like nothing better than exposing their breasts to the entire staff. Even a company darts night can be rigged by showing a pair of red knickers.

The climactic pay-off is a shameless plug for Windsor Safari Park, with a lion and monkeys on the bus. However, this desperate pile of contrived cheese is again salvaged by the wonderful Stephen Lewis. Some of the situations are just gross - a baby defecates in a potty while Stan's at the dinnertable. Rather predictably, he later excretes in Arthur's cap. The baby, that is. Not Stan, though that would have probably been funnier.

As with my two other Buses reviews, I have to stress the humour division inherent in the set-up. When Blakey (A creation of comic genius in Lewis's hands) is on screen, it's hilarious. When he isn't, it's absolutely dire. Most of the "humour" is, as usual, shockingly un-PC. Stan strings girls along with the promise of marriage in order to get sex, and accuses Blakey of being a homosexual. Other unsettling scenes show Michael Robbins shaking his baby and screaming for it to "Shut up!" Letting off a foam extinguisher in someone's face is also shown to be within acceptable safety guidelines.

A clothes-ripping catfight threatens to engender interest, though is foiled by involving Anna Karen. This is particularly nauseous when Reg Varney accidentally gropes his screen sister's left breast.

Very occasionally a line might get a laugh in an unforeseen modern context. After seeing a female conductor emerging with Stan from the top deck, Blakey cries: "You know the regulations, you're not even supposed to eat your lunch upstairs." Yes, this film is truly terrible... yet in a funny sort of way I can't help but like it.

Reviewed by Sleepin_Dragon 7 / 10

Stan's happiness is scuppered once again.

Stan gets engaged and is all set to move out, but his plans are scuppered when Arthur loses his job.

The second of the three movies, and it's a must for fans of the TV series, it translated well from sitcom to movie, not many shows managed to do it successfully, I can think of only this and Steptoe and son.

It is as you'd expect, bawdy, raucous, slapstick and a little bit cheeky, in there lies its charm, it's definitely not meant to be taken too seriously. Humour along the lines of the later Carry on films, and confessions movies.

Lots of amusing scenes, the misunderstanding about staff uniform is funny, Arthur and Olive on the out of control bike, the sabotaged radio, the foam, plenty of entertaining moments.

Cheeky postcards humour, it's enjoyable, 7/10.

Reviewed by glenn-aylett 8 / 10

Politically incorrect fun

Watched this last weekend as part of ITV 3's British Comedy Weekend and for all Mutiny isn't quite as funny as the first film, the jokes about Olive's baby breaking wind are a bit tiresome and crass, it's still a very amusing and totally politically incorrect film( the female clippies are all big busted and sexually easy and Stan and Jack are constantly making the kind of wisecracks that would give Ben Elton a heart attack).

Basically the film concerns Blakey's schemes to get at the drivers by installing radios in their cabs to monitor their workshy behaviour- with some justification as Stan and Jack in one scene are seen playing darts against a side of a bus- but as ever Stan and Jack get the better of him by tuning the radios to police and airport frequencies with very amusing results. Also Stan is engaged to a female clippy and as money is to be tight at home when he moves out, he teaches his brother in law to drive a bus rather ineptly as it turns out. Yet to me the highlight of the film is when Stan and Blakey take a trip bus to Windsor Safari Park and a chimp takes control of the bus with demented results and a lion climbs on the bus and bites both men in the nether regions.

Obviously the film is corny and rather dated now and the PC brigade and the film snobs loathe these films with a passion, but Mutiny is still hilarious in places and I must admit having a thing for the tarty clippies that Jack and Stan lust after. Also if Mutiny on the Buses is so awful, how come it's always repeated and the television series still has a devoted following.

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