Dr. Death: Cutthroat Conman


Action / Documentary

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Revealing the shocking rise and fall of Paolo Macchiarini, the superstar celebrity surgeon who ascended to global fame after performing the world's first synthetic organ transplant, only to be exposed as an international con man whose web of lies extends decades, ensnared many including those in his personal life and left a trail of devastated patients grappling with a nightmare.

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eminkarakus-48381 8 / 10

A proposal that kills a reputation

Macchiarini's experimental trachea patients did not heal, In fact, they were dying. However, Macchiarini was still coasting on the glowing publicity that followed their initial surgeries, leaving two of his colleagues at prestigious Karolinska Institute to deal with the carnage of his dubious treatment. Together they wrote a damning report exposing Macchiarini's falsified research. Perhaps predictably, the Karolinska administers turned on the whistleblowers rather than its cash cow.

Meanwhile, Italian doctor started to have an affair which undoubtedly caused to shadow his reputation , as the journalist lover got suspicious of his pre-marriage promises. What would be like if he did not propose to him? Better if you look from that perspective???

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