Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Little Star Wars 2021


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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Plot summary

One day during summer vacation, a palm-sized alien named Papi appears from a small rocket that Nobita picks up. He is the president of Pirika, a small planet in outer space, and has come to Earth to escape the rebels. Doraemon and his friends are puzzled by Papi’s small size, but as they play together using the secret tool “Small Light”, they gradually become friends. However, a whale-shaped space battleship comes to earth and attacks Doraemon, Nobita and the others in order to capture Papi. Feeling responsible for getting everyone involved, Papi tries to stand up to the rebels. Doraemon and his friends leave for the planet Pirika to protect their dear friend and his home.

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Yûki Kaji as Rokoroko
Mayu Matsuoka as Piina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by barkhadeep 5 / 10

Hindi dubbed issue

This movie not be available in hindi dubbed please hindi dubbed please my request with old hindi dubbing want to anime movies release in Indian theatre in hindi dubbed please more create new movie doreamon the movie Nobita journey to the India please create movie this movie not bad just good movies thanks of doreamon created and very very world biggest thank you fujiko f fujio Please mystery episode solve please TV Ashi upload doreamon unseen episode telent I want this episode invite you create doreamon movie episode in based India I am very very world biggest fan doreamon please doreamon create Robot.

Reviewed by albertonykus 8 / 10

A solid remake that capitalizes on the original's strengths

This is a remake of Nobita's Little Star Wars (1985), in which Nobita and his friends meet some tiny aliens and help them overthrow a dictatorship. I think this version does a decent job of not only retaining but expanding on the strengths of the original. For example, there are even more scenes here focusing on Suneo and how he feels about being dragged into yet another dangerous adventure. The protagonists also get to spend more time with Papi, their most prominent new ally in this story, and learn more about what makes him tick. Furthermore, this version dives into the main plot much more quickly, eliminating much of the setup in the original that ultimately did not end up mattering a whole lot.

Although the remake does not directly address why Doraemon's Big Light (a recurring gadget in the franchise) is not used to resolve the main conflict either, Doraemon does mention at one point that he doesn't have any gadgets on him that can return everyone to their original size, so one can probably assume that the Big Light happened to be under maintenance or was otherwise unusable during the events of the film.

There are a few changes that I felt lukewarm about. The entirely new character of Papi's sister, Piina, seemed like an unnecessary addition that did not affect the story much. I also thought that the voice direction on Papi's flying dog sidekick, Rokoroko, was more effective at getting across his "motor-mouthed" personality in the original. At the same time, I don't think these elements harm the quality of this film substantially.

One other noteworthy edit here is the removal of the many homages to classic movies in the original. Those were fun, but I'm also not especially attached to them, so this was a change that I didn't particularly mind.

For me, the pros and cons of both versions largely even out relative to each other. If I had to pick one though, the remake might actually come out just ahead. The fact that it built upon some of the best qualities of the original was a strong creative decision, I feel.

Reviewed by KenzoMagaro 10 / 10

Doraemon always in our heart.

It doesnt matter everytime i watched doraemon movies it always heart warming , hapiness . Sadness ,funny , that meme face hahaha , felt like i've been there enjoy the adventures. Wondering what's coming next of doraemon adventure in the future , maybe some more demigods / mythologies war ? I don't yet see doraemon in ancient Greek mythology scene i hope they made one and epic battle adventures , doraemon future weapons fight againts the DARK GODS UNDERWORLD with ancient Greek mythology LIGHT GODS and DEMIGODS together for universes peace along with time travellers. It just an opinion but this might boom the profit in box office , since alot of fans really want this kind of content to happen next time. Thank you for continued the journey of DORAEMON forever.

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