Crossing the Line


Comedy / Drama / Family / Sport

IMDb Rating 5.5/10 10 190 190

Plot summary

A former basketball star moves to a small town to assistant coach for a high school championship-winning basketball team.

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Top cast

Terry Farrell as Laura Mosbach
Lawrence Dane as Coach Tom Holliday
Adrian Pasdar as Eric Harrison
Sherry Miller as Jennifer Blackstone
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by compuweenie-75789 8 / 10

A sports movie with a good.message for parents.

As a fan of Terry Farrell, I went into this movie with no expectations, just an open mind. As a Dad, I find the message was a good one: when is it too much when parents get involved with their child's sports?

While much can ride on a child's future when it comes to scholarships, there is a clear point when people cross the line - and our kids pay. A good lesson here for all to learn.

There have been many examples in the news over the years that are well reflected in this thoughtful movie.

Just don't hold the quick move camerawork against it. Well done to the cast and crew for this great flick. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by PatrynXX 6 / 10

A good female Hoosiers. But horrible camera work.

Being me.. I like watching movies. So I'm down chatting with my mother and she was watching this here movie. Well as it usually happens... I got hooked. It has a great storyline and what have you. The story is of course about what happens when Parents act like children at sporting events. This one being basketball.

But I did find the fast forwarding crap to be rather distracting. Sure some nut musta figured. "Shoot... have 2 hours to fill... gotta use the fast forward gimmick. It doesn't work.


Quality: 3/10 Entertainment: 7/10 Replayable: 5/10

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