Cattle Call



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Plot summary

A guy starts a fake casting agency in hopes that he will meet his soul mate.

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Top cast

Dot-Marie Jones as Bull Dyke #1
Diedrich Bader as Glenn Dale
Nicole Eggert as Laurel Canyon
Thomas Ian Nicholas as Ritchie Rey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crankyerma1984 1 / 10

Calling this film 'crap' would be high praise.

I believe that there is SOME good in everyone. In the case of the guys who are producing films for NL these days, you'd need a scalpel to find it.

Bad script, bad editing, bad directing, but when all is said and done not good at all. I would say this film was poorly acted but it's hard to tell with a director this bad.

NL would have been better off just putting the camera on a tripod in front of Jonathan Winters, hitting record and saying 'go.' Since Nicole Eggert doesn't get naked in this, Winters is the only thing worthwhile about the whole production. He's only in it for about five minutes or less.

Reviewed by devil_730 3 / 10

Dull and mediocre but it had a few chuckles.

It ain't no Vacation movie but I guess I could say it was worth the rental..sorta. I had small mixed feelings about this movie. The premise of the movie was good, it was just the movie itself that was bad. Diedrich Bader had a very weak performance in this movie and Thomas Ian Nicholas showed me why again I never really found anything special about him. Although there were a few times where I laughed, the romantic parts felt like I was watching a bad TV-movie. If I were you, I would approach this movie with caution, you'll like it if you're a die-hard National Lampoon fan. You'll be disappointed if you're expecting a Dorm Daze movie. I just hope that there is no sequel in the works.

Reviewed by merklekranz 2 / 10

Yet another National Lampoon disaster ..............

It has been my experience that 9 out of 10 National Lampoon movies are unwatchable, and while "National Lampoon Cattle Call" is far from the worst, it is still bad. Aside from the classic "Vacation", "Animal House", and "Van Wilder", and the marginal "Deadly Sins" and "Gold Diggers", everything else has been simply awful, including "Cattle Call". This is essentially a one joke movie, and the joke is both unoriginal, redundant, and boring. Most of the crude efforts for a laugh totally misfire, and the overly simplistic script simply has nowhere to go. The entire film seems tired from beginning to end. Throw in the towel early, because essentially you will not miss anything you haven't seen before. - MERK

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